Strip Poker with my JoJo and two of my buddies

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Strip Poker with my JoJo and two of my buddies

My Joanne is really one hot babe! Perfect 32B boobies and an incredible ass! Leading up to our first threesome was extremely arousing for me. When we had our second threesome, with a different one of my friends, was incredible.

I got to thinking, what a turn on it would be for me, to see /wife/hot-wife/my-hot-wife/">my hot wife naked infront of not just one, but two of my pals.

I started slowly bringing it up to my JoJo. Please remember, in my first story, I told you all how Joanne told me about her dream of having sex with two men. Its happened several times now, with two of my friends. So I couldnt help but start to think how much of a turn on it would be to see Joanne naked in front of two of my buddies at the same time. With me that would make three.

After a couple weeks of discusions, she told me that the thought of her being naked in front of three guys at the same time actually excited her. She only had one concern, she didnt mind two guys at the same time, but she didnt want three of us all at once. Just when Im thinking thats no problem. She said, "Youll just have to take turns." What a turn on!!!

Who would I be to try to talk her out of that?

A couple of weeks later I had it all set up. I had to ask her if she was actually going to do it or if she wanted me to just cancel the whole thing. Her only concern was if I was going to be jealous. I explained to her, wed already had sex with both of then, just at porn videos download different times. That didnt make me jealous, I told her that I was really excited to see her naked in front of three guys. She liked my attidude!

A couple of days later, the "boys" showed up. Joanne was actually alittle over dressed, but then I realized she was the only girl, so why not make it a challenge for us!

Round and round the cards went. Eventually we were all naked. What a turn on seing Joanne naked in front of the three of us. I made sure we took care of her one request. No more than two guys at one time. We took our turns over and over again, for about 4 hours.

The next day Joanne and I talked about "things". She suggested that the next time we play some kind of game, where she would be blind folded and she would have to figure whos cock was whos, by feeling them, sucking them or what ever she needed to do. I liked that idea and added, how about we take turns playing with her /ass/tit-ass/tits-and-ass/">tits and ass, then she would have to figure out whos who.

All I can tell xxx you, its been a whole lot of fun!!!