Finding my perfect fit

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Finding my perfect fit

This particular story is the detailed affair of, well, an affair. The first I had with my current boyfriend almost ten months ago. At the time I was dating someone else, but something had always seemed like it wasn't quite right, although I could never put my finger on what it was. I wanted so badly to be in love with someone, that I convinced myself that I was with this one, whom I'll call Alex. He was from England originally, and he was very charming, and proper and of course my parents loved him. I knew there was something missing. My first hint was his performance in the bedroom. He was good, but nothing spectacular by far. I had no idea how lacking he was, until I met Curtis.

Curtis and I met through association mostly. We have similar majors and therefore knew most of the same people and had many of the same classes, some we had together. I don't remember the moment we first met, and I don't remember when I first started to realize how attracted I was to him, but I do remember the first night we both realized it together. Ironically, the way we got to know each other was because he needed someone to confide in about not being able to get over one of his exes, a girl who was far too young for him first of all, and someone he foolishly believed that he was in love with. After a few weeks of talking to me about it, as he hadn't talked to anyone before, he realized how stupid it was and how it was just a severe infatuation. What we weren't aware of was that these conversations with each other had made us closer than we thought two people could be in such a short time. 

One night, a Monday night actually, he called me around 1 AM because he had a particularly frustrating day that day and needed to blow off some steam. I picked him up, being the only one of us with a car, and we drove around almost aimlessly, just talking. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Near the university there is an old building that used to be an asylum and is said to be haunted. We drove up there and /scared/">scared each other until we couldn't take the thickness in the air, and headed back. We ended up in my room, watching movies on TBS at five in the morning. Pretty Woman actually, I can remember, is what was on. We were lying on my futon together, as we both enjoy cuddling almost as much as we enjoy sex. At that point nothing had happened between us, but the suspense and the tension was horribly high and constantly rising.

We both knew that I was still technically dating Alex, but we knew also that it had been in a downward spiral for some time and that I wasn't happy. I believe if it full hd xvideo download wasn't for Alex, something would have happened long before something finally did. Of course, that night something finally did. I was laying on his shoulder, and eventually I just couldn't bear the tension any longer. I looked up at him, and he looked down at me in return. All of a sudden nothing mattered to either of us except for each other. I scooted my body up towards him and touched my lips to his, but he didn't reciprocate. ”We shouldn't,” is all he could manage to stammer, although I could tell that it wouldn't take much for him to give in to what felt more right than anything we”d known. I attempted again to kiss him and he sighed but didn't reciprocate again. I knew that he wanted to, that he was fighting with what was right in his head, and what was right to the rest of him. The rest of him ended up winning. This time I sat up a bit so my face hovered over his, and tried to kiss him a third time. It is a charm, as they say, and this time he could resist it no longer and finally pressed his lips to mine. To my astonishment, it all seemed to fit perfectly, as if two pieces of a puzzle were locking together. This was just the beginning. He began to kiss me more passionately, holding me tighter and rolling me onto my side, brushing my hair away from my face as he did so. The room seemed to spin.

Momentarily he pulled away, with much effort I might add, and almost whispered, ”are you sure we should be doing this?” I simply looked at his eyes, his uniquely green eyes, and just nodded, saying nothing. That was all it took to forget any reasons for restraint he may have had. He rolled me then onto my back, rolling on top of me as he did so. All the while our lips were still locked together, kissing each other while giving and taking passion equally to each other. It all seemed to last forever and just an instant at the same time. I never dreamed that I could ever feel like I did then, as I do whenever I'm able to kiss him like that. He slipped his hands under my shirt, and at first all he did was maneuver them behind my back and caressed the bare skin there, as I did the same. I then built up the nerve to lift his shirt up off of him and touched his stomach and chest. He's slim built, not much muscle but enough definition to make him feel amazing, at least to me. When I started running my fingers over his chest he seemed to enjoy it so much that he couldn't take it. He then pulled my shirt over my head as swiftly and gently as he could. Instead of feeling my breasts with his hands, he lay down so that his bare chest was against mine and held me in that way for a moment. The instant our bare bodies touched each other we both gasped at how incredible that simple motion felt.

Before sitting up again, he began to kiss me while we were pressed against each other. I could hardly believe what I was feeling. It was a kind of ecstacy that I had never known before, a depth of emotion even at that early stage of our potential relationship that I had never known, in fact that I never could have imagined was possible. My heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest, and I was seemingly nervous, but not in the usual way. I had butterflies, but I was more anxious to find out more about him, about his body and about what he could feel like than I was nervous. In fact, I was almost alarmed at how comfortable I was, even though this was the /first-time/">first time that he had seen me not completely clothed. He sat up while straddling me, and then scooted down so that he could kiss me from my neck down to my lower stomach. He took his time, and actually payed little attention at first to my breasts which drove me almost to the point of insanity. He finally took his hands and started rubbing them up my stomach to my breasts, and caressed them. In that instant I gasped at the feeling of his hands on me, and I could feel myself getting warmer, and getting wetter. I desperately wanted to know what it would feel like to have him inside me, but he simply told me that he wanted to hold me for the rest of the night because he needed to think about what the right thing would be to do. As badly as I wanted to find out what he would feel like, I was incredibly grateful just to have had his kiss, and to be in his arms, and I was admittedly very tired, so we went to sleep.

The next day we woke up around noon, and it was the first time that I had the joy of waking up beside him. It felt oddly familiar, as if I had been doing it for years already or something. He was still sleeping when I woke up, so I kissed him. That woke him up almost immediately, which I was to find out later never happens with him, and when I mean woke him up, it woke every part of him up. He immediately rolled me over and was on top of me again, kissing me even more passionately than he had the night before. It was almost as if he still had a shred of doubt the night before that was clearly absent now. Faster than I ever thought possible, I felt myself becoming wet, hopelessly wet to the point of almost dripping. A point, that I had never come close to reaching before. It just seemed so easy for him to do that to me. He started kissing my neck while making his way up my shirt with his hands. He quickly took my shirt and shorts off, and he did the same so we were holding each other, kissing madly, in nothing but my panties and his boxers. I could feel him extremely hard, through the thin cotton material. This made me even wetter and he quickly removed my bra. He started kissing around my nipples, then while playing with one with his hand, he took the other in his mouth and not only sucked on it, but flicked it repeatedly with his tongue. This sent sparks down my body to my clit, which was now hard as well and was begging for attention. I took my hand and slid it into his boxers and grabbed him. He groaned in /surprise/">surprise and pleasure, and we both knew we couldn't wait any longer, and didn't need to.

He quickly pulled my panties off me, and took his boxers off. It was dark so I couldn't see him, and couldn't see his cock either, but at that point I didn't care what it looked like or what size it was. I just wanted to feel it enter me. free porn movies download Only moments later, that wish came true. I was so wet that he slid right into me, a perfect fit as it seems. He felt so big inside me, but not so that it was too much for me to handle. It truly was perfect, and it was a pleasant surprise because I had no idea what to expect not being able to see it beforehand and judge. The moment he pushed himself all the way inside me I felt something that I can't describe in words. He started to thrust inside me, and each time I felt as if my body felt so incredible that it would explode at any minute. I no longer had any recollection of time, or place, or anything other than Curtis and how incredible everything felt. He then leaned down so he could thrust himself in and out of me while he held me and kissed me. My senses were on overload, and I knew that because of all the teasing the previous night that it wouldn't take too long before either of us could take it much longer. I wanted to cum, and he wanted to. Never before had I been verbal during sex, but this instance I found myself moaning so loud that it was almost a scream because it felt so incredible. It was so intense, so warm and wet and natural. I told him that I wanted him to cum in me, told him repeatedly that I wanted him to. I told him I was about to, and he slammed into me harder and harder, as I commanded him to do so, and finally with one incredibly hard thrust I could feel his warm cum shooting inside of me, as I thrashed in sheer ecstacy at the same time, my orgasm running through me as it never has before, more content than I could have imagined knowing that we had done so together.

We collapsed together, and for a few moments all we could hear was the sound of our quick, short breaths and our hearts, which were beating so fast that we could hardly hear anything else. They were, I realized, beating together almost. I was almost to exhausted to think. After what seemed like ages, he lifted his head, kissed me, and just said, ”wow.” It was another few minutes before he pulled out of me, and collapsed next to me. We were both taken aback, we never knew that anything could feel as amazing as what we had just done. We ended up doing it twice more that day, and couldn't get enough of it. That night we fell asleep, simply exhasted, feeling like we must have moved the Earth off of it's axis.