erotic tennis

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
erotic tennis

Madeline liked to play tennis but she wasn't very good at it, when she would hit the ball it would go all over the place even though she loved it so much . It was hard for her to find players because she was not good at it she loved her tennis racket she xnxxv sunny leone video loved the way it looked and she loved to see the balls fly over the net.

She thought it was fun to play tennis . but one day as she was playing her tennis she saw this very and she got turned on , she couldn't keep the racket in her hand she wanted to touch herself as she was playing tennis she couldn't focus on the game and started to notice the and feel her fingers inching down to her private area .

Her short dress and on made her wet and excited she let the racket drop to the ground and started to play with her pussy threw her panties rubbing herself but she didn't want to look like she was masturbating so she told her friend she was tired and wanted to stop when her friend left she couldn't hold it any more.

She had been so to touch herself down there she leaned on the net to hold her for she was so horny and weak in the knees she sort a feel into the net and started to rub her clit so hard then she took a tennis ball and rubbed it on her real forced anal against her will boobs softly just rolling it and on her body. then she touched her boobs and rubbed her pussy as she was thinking of this hot guy . she let out a squel of excitement as she laid there on the net her but rubbing the net she decided that she was getting to excited and decided to call it quits with tennis.

Her panties where wet her dress was wet to and she was hot from sweating. Her dress clung to her body it was a hot day and the sweat tricking down her belly and she felt the sweat touching her body and the sweat clinging to her dress and body as she thought of this hot guy and how great to sweaty body's touching each other and fucking in the hot sun.

The rackets just laying there on the ground and the balls laying on the ground so hot she took of her panties and put it in her bag and walked home the end.