My Martial Arts Boxing Boy Part 2

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My Martial Arts Boxing Boy Part 2

The next morning, I awoke to the smell blowjob porn videos of a full breakfast being cooked by my friend Bill.
I went out to the kitchen to find my new lover wearing my apron and nothing else.

As I walked up behind him, I marveled at his taut ass cheeks with their light dusting of dark hair. I was drawn in by his delicious manly odor and beautifully muscled back and strong, powerful legs.
I said "Good Morning Bill" and he turned around to say "Good morning Dan"

I looked down and for a moment I thought his penis was erect, the bulge was so pronounced. I brushed my hand against it and realized it wasn't, he was just that well /hung/">hung. I looked up into his eyes and hew lowered himself to kiss me. I kissed back, sliding my very eager tongue into his waiting mouth and he returned the favour.
"I like how you fill out my apron" I said when we finally broke our lip-lock.
He blushed and said, "Thanks. Sit down and let me pour you some coffee."

Bill poured me a coffee and served up some breakfast. It was delicious, but I kept thinking, All I want is dessert!
I rushed through breakfast and "Accidentally" dropped my napkin on the floor.
I slid off the chair and went directly under the table. From this vantage point I could see that the apron was no longer covering Bill's junk and he was partially erect. I must have been gawking longer than I realized because he said with a chuckle in his voice, "See something down there you like?"

I figured my response should be physical and moved my head to his right ankle. I began licking his foot and slowly made my way up his leg, kissing, caressing and licking my way to his beautiful nut sack. By the time I reached it, his cock was full erect and dripping a glistening stream of pre-cum.
He pulled himself away from the table and said, "Let's take a shower together."
I agreed and we made our way to my bathroom. I'm lucky enough to have a large built in shower with a bench and room for more than 2 people. I turned on the water while Bill removed the apron and revealed the fantastic body I had the complete pleasure of tasting over the last 12 hours. I removed my robe and we stepped into the shower together.

As the warm water cascaded down our naked bodies, we met in a hot, passionate embrace while re-engaging our lips into another sloppy wet kiss. I could feel my own cock as it reached the height of its full 8 inches brush against the bottom of Bill's balls and he responded by sliding his tongue deep into my mouth. I sucked on his tongue like it was his cock and I could feel his cock jump and throb against my belly and chest.

I released his tongue and worked my way down his muscular chest and licked my way down his happy trail to the treasure of a cock between his legs. By this time I was so eager for it, I took the entire head and half the length into my mouth and down my throat. I heard him moan as he grabbed the back of my head and began pushing my head harder onto his dick. I felt the head go past my gag reflex and I choked up a wad of thick white spit as he continued to assault my throat. Despite the fact that the warm water was rinsing off my cock, I could feel the pre-cum dripping out of me and Bill's was sliding down my throat. I began pumping my head on his dick and I could feel his balls slapping against my chin.

Finally, I pulled my mouth off his cock, looked up and said, "I need your cock inside me!"

He responded with, "I thought you'd never ask!"

He reached down and pulled me up under the arms and again stuck his tongue into my waiting mouth. I was sucking his tongue again and pulling on his cock when he turned me around and pushed my head into the shower wall and pulled my hips toward him. I could feel him slide down my body and then I felt his powerful hands spreading my ass cheeks apart and massaging both cheeks. Then, his tongue was flicking against my puckered hole and I screamed out in complete /ecstasy/">ecstasy. With that, Bill's tongue penetrated my hole with a powerful thrust and I thought I was going to blow! Bill was fucking me with his tongue and my cock was harder than ever!

Just when I thought I wouldn't be able to take it any more and was about to cum, Bill removed his tongue from my ass and stood up. I could feel his humongous cock brush against ass, perineum and balls and he began thrusting it. I felt like I was on a joy ride to Mars! I just wanted him inside me so /bad/">bad and told him, "Just fuck me... Please!"

Bill grabbed me by the waist with his left hand and positioned his cock's head against my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. He slowly put on the pressure and I could feel his head enter my ass. I screamed out again against the pain as his cock pushed past my first sphincter. I pushed against him with my abdominal muscles and could feel him fully enter me. He moved hands up to my shoulders and I could feel his cock twitch inside me. It felt so fucking good!
Then, with his lips behind my right ear he whispered," I'm going to fuck you, long and hard."

With that, he slowly withdrew until just the head was still inside me, and then with a pushing of his hips and a pulling on my shoulders, he slammed into me, massaging my prostate with that beautiful cock head. He repeated this motion for the next 10 minutes, making me drip pre-cum like a little fountain. Then, in one quick motion, lifted my body up, spun me around on his fuck stick, turned us both around and positioned my body up against the wall of the shower with my legs over his shoulders. Once we were in this position, the fucking really started.

Bill pulled his cock out again, just to the tip and slammed it back in, but this time, he matched his withdrawal speed with his re-entry. In other words, he was fucking me like an animal. I reached down to feel his powerful ass as he slammed his cock back into me. Once again our lips locked and I could feel his tongue exploring my waiting mouth. I was moaning and so was he. I could feel my heels tapping his back and my back was scrapping up against the shower wall, but milf porn videos I didn't care since Bill's beautiful cock was crashing against my prostate, milking out a delicious load of cum from my throbbing balls.

My cum was sticking to his lightly haired chest, and a stream was hanging from his chin. I licked it off and then felt him tense up and release a hot thick load of his sperm into my waiting ass. He thrust at least 10 more times into my ass and I could feel a squirt each time as he pressed his lips against mine and we both exhaled into each other as he lowered my legs down and I pushed his softening cock out of my ass. I could feel his love juice squirting out of my ass and I continued to orgasm internally.

We got out of the shower and toweled each other off.

I really can't believe how lucky I am!