My Wifes Hot Cousin 2

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My Wifes Hot Cousin 2


I am Rakesh from Ludhiana again. After Khushbu, there?s another cousin of Nidhi; Pooja. Until my last encounter with her I had thought her to be a decent plain and shy girl. She is about 20 of age and is of 5ft4in height. Most of the time I see her in plain salwar, and very rarely in a t-shirt and jeans. Her face is round, she is a bit on the darker side (a dusky maiden), with 34D cups and figure to match, you know what I mean!!

I met her in the wedding I told you about in my last story. As usual I was flanked by the female members of the family of our age bracket. That indian santali xvideo night due to accommodation problems my father-in-law requested me to take in Pooja for the night to stay with us at my residence. I agreed. The wedding was over late that night and myself, Nidhi and Pooja went back home and went to sleep (of course, Pooja had been given a separate room).

Next day, Nidhi rose early as she was to be present at my in-laws for some more social events. As my presence was not necessary, I declined from going over. Even Pooja was reluctant, but went she did.

I woke up late that morning and brewed some coffee for me. I was reading a newspaper and sipping my coffee when the doorbell rang its summons. I opened the door to find Pooja standing outside. I said, ?Hi, beautiful! How come you are back so soon?? she walked in and said, ?it was all so boring, I went up to uncle and excused my way out. I was feeling lonely and wanted to watch a movie.? I said, ?so which movie you went to?? she replied back, ?I am going to see a movie here, silly!? I grinned as I saw her march haughtily into her room.

After a while she opened her room and called out to me, ?would you like to watch the movie with me?? I said, ?coming!? I got up and walked to her room. My eyes nearly popped out from their sockets. She had changed into a black mini wrap around skirt and a white shirt opened deep at her neck & chest. The view from the shirt was amazing, even her legs were smooth. I was mentally making rapid readjustments of my assessment about her. She looked like a smoking hot secretary. I walked past her and she closed the door behind her.

My curiosity got better of me and I asked, ?what gives with the change in your dress?? she said, ?I believe in stepping into the lead female character?s role.? I asked, ?what about the lead male character?? she said, ?most of the time I have to imagine him, but with you around today I don?t think I have to imagine. I hope you will do what I expect.? I didn?t know where this was leading up to so I said, ?yes, I will!?

She nodded and switched on the video. After some time elapsed, all of a sudden the scene changed to a /hardcore/">hardcore /office/office-porn/">office porn. I was stupefied at the sight. The scene was showing a /secretary/hot-secretary/">hot secretary being done by her boss.

Before I could say a thing, she put her bare right leg on my legs. Her hands slid down my chest, unbuttoning my shirt as they went down. The video, her actions, her breasts pressing against my right arm, her lips brushing by my cheek and her hot breath on my cheek, I got an /erection/">erection in no time. Finally she pulled the shirt I had tucked in my pants. Her hand rested on the hump of my pants. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She said, ?Hmmm!! You have a nice one. This is even better than I have seen in the videos and imagined myself to be done by one. I think I am lucky today. I want to taste that thing first.? And she put my cock in her hot mouth, her velvety lips wrapped around my cock. I nearly came, when she stopped sucking me abruptly.

She turned my head and our lips locked in a kiss, her tongue exploring my mouth. I in turn started rubbing her smooth thighs. She started moaning as my hand rubbed against her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. She was panty-less! My fingers entered her /wet/pussy-wet/dripping-wet-pussy/">dripping wet pussy. It felt tight, we kissed more passionately now. I fumbled with the buttons of her shirt and opened it. I felt my way to the back of her bra but found no hook. She laughed and said, ?this bra has its clasp on the front.? And she placed my hand on the clasp of her bra. I inserted my fingers into her popping cleavage, instead of opening her bra. Her breasts felt soft and warm on my fingers, her skin was silky to touch.

She tightened her grip on my cock and stroked my cock harder, I felt my cock throbbing and wet with my hot cum, she picked my cum and licked it appreciatively. She said, purring, ?that?s a lot of cum!!? I laughed, ?you are a little slut, aren?t you?? she laughed with me.

I opened her bra and released her ample breasts. I kissed her soft breasts and nibbled on her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples, she playfully nibbled my earlobes as she squirmed. I fondled and bit her breasts and she threw back her head in pleasure.

The atmosphere was so erotic that I felt life surge back into my deflated cock. I quickly undressed her and released her sexy smooth body from all tailored hindrances of clothes. Then I stripped bare in front of her. She crooned and giggled at the sight of my muscular body. I asked, ?what?s the matter with you?? she said innocently, ?I was just expressing my excitement of getting to get loved by that marvelous body.? My cock neared her face; she eyed it greedily and sucked hungrily on it. I soon said, ?dear, go on like that and soon you will find your mouth filled with my cream.? She stopped at that.

I waited until the throbbing subsided; I pushed her to lie on her back. I parted her legs and brushed my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock lightly against her thighs. She grinned and said, ?it feels nice!? I placed my cock lightly on her waiting pussy. She pleaded, ?please insert it! I want it in me.. Please! Please don?t make me wait for it! I can?t take it anymore!?

I parted the lips of her pussy with my cock and she quivered at the touch of my cock on her pussy. I aligned my cock with the opening of her hot and /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy and pushed it in with a ramming force. She bent back with pain as I ripped her hymen. She had it all preplanned as I saw her pull out a swab of cotton she had kept handy. She placed the swab to stem the trickle of blood and prevent it from flowing on to the bed sheet. She smiled and looked up, ?what are we waiting for? I have got what I wanted, and don?t you expect me to abandon the pleasure I am about to get from you. Fuck me, /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard!? I was highly turned on and I pinned her to the bed, crushing her under me, our bodies rocking in lustful frenzy as I slid in and out of her tight pussy. Her moans were getting louder with my every thrust inside her.

I pulled out of her; she looked up at me inquiringly. I made her lie on her right side; I pushed my cock into her pussy from behind. She bent her upper body to give me access to her supple breasts and we kissed passionately. I had a strong grip of her body by her flat tummy. I tickled her navel to the point of craziness as I stretched her tight pussy with my cock?s powerful angular thrusts. She was like putty in my arms; I put my tongue in her mouth and explored it. She hungrily sucked on my tongue. I played with her breasts all the time. I kissed her breasts and bit her naughty nipples; she seductively pulled my face by my chin to a lust-thirsty kiss. I pushed in with a lot of force once and she gasped. She licked her hot and dry lips and kissed me again as I resumed the rhythmic fucking of her pussy.

I was about to cum and I pulled out of her. I straddled her tummy and stroked my cock at level with her breasts. She opened her mouth in anticipation with every stroke of my hand. I spurted a lot of cream all over her breasts and mouth. She licked the cum on her mouth and rubbed the cum on her breasts. I pushed my cock closer to her mouth and she sucked it dry.

She went to the washroom to pee and I ambushed her near the door when she came out of the bathroom. I pushed her on the bed. She held on to the headboard of the bed for support as I entered her pussy from behind. My hands were massaging her breasts, her midriff, her tummy and her groin. Her body moved along with the movements of my cock. Beads of sweat were sticking to our bodies when we came together. I filled up her /pussy/cute-pussy/">cute pussy with my cream. I waited till we regained our breath. She pulled down her hands and bent on all fours, her back was clammy with sweat. I rubbed her back and spanked her ass.

She gave a mixed exclamation of anguish and laughter. I pulled her in an embrace from behind; and rolled over the bed. Her bare back rubbed over my chest as I slipped my hands under her armpits and played with her breasts, my semi-erect cock rubbing against her pussy. I tickled her all over and she struggled to get free. I never slackened my grip. Her breasts crushed against my arms every time she bent forward in struggle and shivered with my touch. Finally, when she was breathless due to laughing, I lay her beside me. I propped myself on my right elbow and smiled at her, she smiled and pulled me in for another kiss.

I was erect again and I entered her, lying on top of her, her soft breasts pressing against my bare chest gave me a heavenly feeling. She wrapped her arms around my neck, my face buried in her breasts. I took the opportunity to suck, kiss and bite her breasts. With her legs wrapped around my back, I finally thrust deep into her. She arched her back in a gesture of extreme pleasure. I broke her grip on my neck and pinned her arms above her head by her wrists. My thrusts were deeper and powerful by the passing moments. Her moans were louder and we set forth on yet another sexual adventure as I drilled deeper into her. This time I was more focused and I managed to control alain lyle porn myself when she orgasmed twice violently under the strokes of my cock. Once again our bodies were covered with beads of sweat, our fronts clammy and sticky with the heat from the rubbing of our bare bodies and moisture from the sweat. I knew a third orgasm would result in my /climax/">climax too, and it was just round the corner as I could feel gentle pulsations of her vaginal walls. I increased my pace as the periods of her slackening on my cock shortened perceptibly. She climaxed with a loud scream of pleasure and lustful pain, her vicious contractions pushing me over the verge and I too came inside her. My cream released in a jet like stream inside her pussy. We collapsed, exhausted and breathless. I was still inside her, plugging the flow of our juices when we had a lingering passionate kiss as a final toast to the enjoyment we had in the entire afternoon.

We were dressed and decently sitting in the living room, watching TV, when Nidhi arrived. Pooja was sitting real close to me, I could still feel the warmth of her body oozing from her dress. Nidhi asked, ?what makes you two so intimate?? I said, ?a perfect match of interests? that?s all. I was talking to her this afternoon about her likes and dislikes and believe me; she can make an extremely good secretary! She has a perfect set of skills required for the job. I look forward to her complete her grads. I definitely want to offer her a job in my office as a secretary.? Nidhi brightened visibly, ?Really? I never knew Pooja was so good. We always had her down as a dull and shy girl! Coming from you, Rakesh, I have to believe you!? I said, ?thanks!? and added with a twinkle in my eyes as I set them on Pooja, ?she is definitely incredible! She has proved us all wrong!? Pooja grinned defensively at first, then as soon as Nidhi?s back was turned to us, she impishly winked and blew a kiss at me.

Hope the experience has aroused you folks too! I really am! Wish Pooja was here at the moment!