My boss and me a good combination

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My boss and me a good combination

I tell u previously that I am a very good looking man with giant tool when I was 20 I am working in a firm as a personal secretary to a very sexy looking, good figured lady of about 26 years of age named Leeza. 

On one week end we have a lot of work to be wind up. So we decided that I will go to her home on Sunday and Monday, she gets a nice bungalow on a place a bit far from city, on 8:00 am. When I get to her place on Sunday her gatekeeper tell me to park my motor cycle in the porch. When I come back I saw a dog is fucking his female one in a very great manner and I get so involved in it that I can?t feel that my boss is on my back. I come back from my feelings when I feel a hand on my shoulders. I moved back to see the man, and I found my boss in her swimming dress. She ask me what r u seeing, I say I am seeing the fucking scene. She says come in please. 

We both move to the basement, while walking with her I can clearly saw her dress wet over the pussy area. She had a big, nice and deep in door swimming pool in her bungalow, I ask her why are you leeking, but she didn?tanswer, rather she ask me what would u like to drink, I told boldly milk. She said milk?. I said yaa milk from your /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs, would you like to give me. Lisa laughed loudly and said why not, but first you have to swim with me. I said ok, but it must be a naked swimming competition. She agreed. We planed six races. We removed each others clothes and moved into the water. As I am a good swimmer I win all races then she ask me that now its enough we have to move to my room I said o.k. pick her in my hand and moved to her bed room on the second floor. When we get their, she ask me to get in 69 positions so that we both can enjoy each others taste. So sexxxx video ful hd I moved my mouth to her lovely pussy and starts fingering in it hardly and fastly. In the same time she is playing with my tool and moving its fore skins. 

I feel that her pussy is a bit open front from the upper part but lose in the under area, May she doesn?t experience a healthy rod of a man in her. She cummed twice, her cum tastes salty. When I didn?t cummed from a long period she moves her hand to my balls and starts pressing them with both her hands very very hardly up to 10 minutes, from this act I wetted her throat with a very heavy spam. When we both finished comfortably I stretched her legs up to its full length and put my tool in her pussy without any further intimation which results in a huge cry from her. After some beautiful jerks I managed to get my tool in her lovely pussy and my balls are kissing her pussy lips, she is thrilling with pain. xxx sex video download free com I moved my hand towards her boobs and my mouth towards her mouth I starts fondling her boobs, kissing her and at the same time fucking her in her love whole. 

After a /fucking/hard-fucking/very-hard-fuck/">very hard fuck my juices starts flowing in her pussy. I withdrew my tool and stats sucking her boobs till they get completely drained. Then I ask her to come in the doggy position. When she managed it I put my tool in her ass without any lubrication, but it?s too hard to put an anal in the ass without any lubrication, but I managed to do so with great difficulty. So I fucked her in the speed of a bullet train until I cummed. Then we both moved to swimming pool, cleaned our selves and back to office work. 

From then I fucked her at always all possible places i.e. house office etc and in all possible ways, until I get a new job and more loving boss.